Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Behind Closed Doors by Natalie Collins

Behind Closed Doors is a book I have had on my bookshelf for far too long, years probably. I read Ms. Collins' blog for awhile, especially because she writes and focuses on Mormon life a bit. I am not sure why, but I do find Mormon life and history fascinating. Behind Closed Doors focuses on an ex-Mormon and the mystery that surrounds her missing friend. I give it a B.

For twenty years, they had been closer than sisters, sharing girlhood secrets, their hopes and dreams for the future- and a soul-searing promise. Melissa was the only one who knew what had really happened to Jannie beyond the sacred walls of the Mormon Temple the night that changed her life forever...
Now Melissa has gone missing, just days after entrusting Jannie with a mysterious box that someone would kill to possess. And someone has- leaving in their murderous wake an innocent victim and a trail of blood that leads to the heart of Jannie's hidden burden. Desperate to protect her secret, and to find out what has happened to Melissa, Jannie trusts no one. Not the stranger whose piercing green eyes have already seen too much, nor the family and friends whose familiar fold may be shielding a cold-blooded killer who is lurking Behind Closed Doors.

Behind Closed Doors reminds me a lot of the Mark Hastings case, which was a big story that happened right after the Scott and Laci Peterson case occurred. I believe I read on one for Ms. Collins' blog entries that she did get the idea for the book from this story. I enjoyed learning more about the Mormon tradition and rites that those in the Mormon faith go through in preparation of marriage, however, I thought the suspense was a little lacking. I had the mystery solved pretty early on in the story and I didn't really care for Jannie. She got on my nerves a bit, and she carried a bunch of baggage with her for way too long in my opinion. Maybe it was more my mood while reading the story, but it did grate me a little bit. I will be checking out more of Ms. Collins' books and am pretty sure I have a couple more by her on my shelves.

Up next is Gillian Flynn's latest book. It came in at the library a couple of days ago, and I am anxious to jump right in to it. My Red Wings are playing awesome right now, going further and further on in the rounds and I am loving it. It seems like the weather has finally decided to stay nice for a bit, and today I took the day off to get some stuff done around the house. I finally got all of my plants and flowers planted and now just have to get through two more days of work. I am so looking forward to this long weekend and the end of the school year. Happy Reading everyone!

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