Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Breath by Michael Prescott

I read a book by Mr. Prescott awhile back and picked up Last Breath from a used library book sale. I started reading it last Monday, but only now just finished it late last night. It wasn't the book that took forever but me and not making the time to read it. It was a good book, one I enjoyed and I give it a B.

From Amazon:
Tormented since the age of ten by memories of a stalker who escaped after nearly killing her, LAPD officer Caitlin Jean Osborn hides her insecurities behind a facade of fearlessness. Her bravado has even earned her the nickname "Killer" as well as the admiration of the SWAT team's raffish Rick Tanner. The everyday perils that C.J. faces on the job are trivial, however, compared to the danger she faces when she is re-targeted by her childhood stalker and hounded by her adulterous, emotionally disturbed ex-husband. Meanwhile, FBI computer experts race to locate a webmaster who manages a site that illegally broadcasts the private lives of a select number of women over the Internet; unbeknownst to the agents, C.J. is one of those unsuspecting victims. When she is abducted, detectives are unsure whether she's been nabbed by her disgruntled ex or by a chameleon serial killer who uses the Net to spy on his quarry.

I thought that this book could have had a bit more suspense and less action. I am not sure if that makes sense, but throughout most of the book, the reader knows who the bad guy is and C.J. is in danger from about the first 1/3 of the book. There is not a lot of chase and C.J. is grabbed fairly early in the book. It wasn't a bad plot, just not what I was in the mood for, I guess. I tend to like more cat and mouse in my thriller book and that was lacking. I liked the characters and thought that they really came to life on the pages. While this book wasn't as enjoyable as the first Mr. Prescott book I read, I will continue to read more of his as I come across them.

Tomorrow I have a job interview for a summer school position at 3:45. I work until 3:25, so it is going to be a mad dash to the interview and I need to make sure I am fully prepared with everything tonight. Since I am such an anxious person, this is going to require a lot of double checking today, and along with my Red Wing game to watch, it should be another packed full day. I hope everyone is reading wonderful books and Happy Reading!!!

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