Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Lost Girls by Lin Hendler

I got The Lost Girls from one of the library book sales I went to earlier this year. It sounded interesting and I grabbed it off of my shelves when I was looking for something to read, however, I was pretty disappointed. I give it a C.

From Amazon:
For anyone who's ever felt lost in an angst-filled world, The Lost Girls offers a moving account of several young women estranged from the society around them. Ranging from urban Los Angeles to small-town America to England, the book follows the adolescence of Hannah and Becky, two best friends who must discover themselves amidst high school pressure, drugs, and confusion. The book also chronicles the travails of Laurel and Alexis, two girls who have opulent homes and an upscale high school but still submit to the drug culture that can't be separated from their lives.

I am not sure what to say about this book. If it was any longer, I wouldn't have finished it but it was only 142 pages long so I felt compelled to finish it. I was so confused when reading it, though. It jumped between characters and it was hard to find connections between chapters and I was constantly looking back to determine who was who. It was just a very confusing read and I guess I was just expecting more. I was looking forward to reading it but was very disappointed. I am not even sure how to classify this book.

I am not sure what I am going to read next but I think it will be a good suspense. Happy Reading everyone!

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