Thursday, December 18, 2008

Award and Reading Update

J. Kaye awarded me with another great award that really brightened my day!

I really appreciated it since today I have been feeling kinda down. I want to pass this along to some other bloggers.

Barbara from Heidi's Books.

Kris from Not Enough Books

Holly from What Were You Expecting?

These are three bloggers who I love to read and have made me feel so welcome (not excluding the lovely J.Kaye) so I just wanted to extend the love.

An update on my reading... since I finished my last book, I have read maybe 40 pages out of a book. I finally finished my training last night, though I worked this morning and have to go to my other job in a little. We are supposed to get walloped with a huge snow storm tonight with 10 inches, so I am assuming it will be a snow day for me tomorrow. I plan on reading and maybe wrapping some presents. That's it... I want to read!


Kris said...

Kristie - Thanks so much for mentioning my award! It makes me feel so loved!Hope you are feeling better and that you didn't get that snow storm (unless of course you enjoy snow....)

Kristie said...

I love reading your blog... and I feel like we have a lot in common... both married to Chris' and have Kris in our names!

Heidi said...

Kristie-Thanks for thinking of me.I feel so special. As you know I am behind the times in the blogging world.

I hope your weather has improved.