Monday, May 12, 2008

The Night Spider by John Lutz

I have been a fan of Mr. Lutz's books since I read his book that was the basis for the movie Single White Female. I have read another of his books earlier this year and picked up The Night Spider on my birthday at Borders and decided to not wait and read it right away. I am glad I did as it was a great book and I give it a B+.

From the back of the book:
Each woman slept in her Manhattan high-rise, behind securely locked doors. Each was sealed alive in her bedsheets and stabbed repeatedly. Each bled to a slow end. Mouths frozen in silent screams tell little to retired NYPD Captain Thomas Horn and his detectives.
Even a vet like Horn is baffled. Nothing connects the slain women except cruel murder by a cunning intruder. Sparse clues point to a wall-crawling, glass-cutting predator who enters bedroom windos with calculated ease. But as the killer grows bolder, Horn's worst fears about to come true. Because somewhere in the dark, the Night Spider prepares to take a new victim- and this one won't be a stranger. In a desperate race against time, Horn must snare a psychopath in his own tangled web... or die trying.

This book had everything I look for in a good suspense. There were plenty of twists and turns and red herrings that throw the reader for a loop. The characters, mainly the detectives are very likeable characters and you really root for them. The book appears to end about halfway through and then boom... there is something that no one would expect. The only reason why I gave it a B+ and not an A- is because the set up of the detectives is very similar to one of his other books I read and that kind of grated on me. I will definitely be on the lookout for more of his backlist.

I enjoy this author so much that I would like to send this book to anyone who is interested. If you would like to receive my copy, leave a comment and on Friday I will pick a winner. US only please since I will use Media Mail.

Up next is a book by new-to-me author Mary Burton. I used a random number generator from my list of books I have and it came up. I decided to do that to just see what came up. I may keep doing this when I am indecisive. I hope it is good. I am exhausted right now as I have a sinus infection and the meds make me so sleepy. I had to stay up to watch the Wings though, and hope after a commanding win and lead of 3-0 against Dallas that some of the haters (Versus annoucers) will stop talking so bad about us. But in another way, I kind of like it because we so prove them wrong. Our goalie Osgood is now 9-0 in the playoffs and we are undefeated since he came in during game 5 of the the first series. I am not Hasek's biggest fan but love Ozzie so I am really happy for him. Wednesday we can finish Dallas off and wait for the Pennsylvania team to grab our cup! I am so excited about this!!!! GO WINGS!!!!!!

Happy Reading everyone!

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