Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hold Tight by Harlan Coben

After reading and seeing a lot about Mr. Coben books, I decided to try one of his stand-alones and place Hold Tight on hold. It was a good suspense book and very easy to read. I rate it a B.

From Amazon:

Tia and Mike Baye never imagined they’d become the type of overprotective parents who spy on their kids. But their sixteen-year-old son Adam has been unusually distant lately, and after the suicide of his classmate Spencer Hill—the latest in a string of issues at school—they can’t help but worry. They install a sophisticated spy program on Adam’s computer, and within days are jolted by a message from an unknown correspondent addressed to their son: “Just stay quiet and all safe.”Meanwhile, browsing through an online memorial for Spencer put together by his classmates, Betsy Hill is struck by a photo that appears to have been taken on the night of her son’s death . . . and he wasn’t alone. She thinks it is Adam Baye standing just outside the camera’s range; but when Adam goes missing, it soon becomes clear that something deep and sinister has infected their community. For Tia and Mike Baye, the question they must answer is this: When it comes to your kids, is it possible to know too much?

I am not too sure what to write about this book. It was an easy read and the suspense kept me reading and turning the pages, but it wasn't one of those that made me sneaking in a few pages at stoplights or anything. There were two cases coming together in one and it was weird how all of the characters ended up coming together. The premise and the problem that the parents went through debating whether to spy on their children or not was engaging. Maybe because I am not a parent but a teacher who sees how much trouble kids can get into that it is important for parents to know what is always going on. It was a good book but nothing outstanding. I will probably be looking for more of Mr. Coben's books, by do not feel like I need to rush out and get more right away.

So I hit up my local library's used book sale. I got 20 books on Thursday, which cost me $10.00 and then today it was bag day. All you can stuff in your brown paper bag for $5.00. I am not sure how many books I got (I still have to enter them into my database) but I think I found some good ones by my favorite authors along with some new authors. Up next is the latest Wendy Corsi Staub books that I bought earlier this week. I almost want to save it because I hate waiting another year for another one, but it is calling out to me. On Tuesday I think I am going to hit up the big Borders a bit further away from my house instead of the usual Borders Express I normally go to. I still have two gift cards to use from Christmas and my birthday is Tuesday and I am sure I will probably get more for my birthday. I have over 400 books on my TBR shelves, but for some reason I feel compelled to go and buy more. It's a sickness, but at least I won't be spending any money, right? I hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

Did you read THE WOODS? If so, how does it compare? I have HOLD TIGHT on my nightstand.

Kristie said...

I haven't read it, though I have it on my list. How was The Woods?

Anonymous said...

I gave it a 5 out of 5 rating. It's what hooked me on the author.

Kristie said...

If it was that good, I will have to move it up. Actually I think I will look to see if the library has it right now.

Margaret said...

I just finished reading Hold Tight, and I thought it was a page-turner. It was neat the way it all tied together at the end. Would like him to write more books about Chief Detective Muse and get her a significant other.