Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Good Liar by Laura Caldwell

I read one of Ms. Caldwell's chick-lit books through Red Dress Ink and heard good things about her suspense novels. I bought The Good Liar as soon as it came out and it has been sitting on my shelf since then. I decided to read it finally, and unfortunely was disappointed. I can only give it a C+.

From Amazon:
Kate Livingston and Liza Kingsley have been best friends since their childhood in the suburbs of Chicago. They know everything about each other. Or do they?
When Liza sets up the newly divorced Kate with Michael Waller, an elegant man sixteen years her senior, neither woman expects Kate to fall for him so soon. The relationship is a whirlwind that enthralls Kate…and frightens Liza. Because Liza knows she may have introduced Kate to more than her dream man; she may have unwittingly introduced her to a dangerous world of secrets.
And yet Kate marries Michael and follows him to a French-Canadian town called St. Marabel, where she begins to suspect that Michael isn't exactly who he seems. As each new suspicion arises, Kate finds herself investigating her husband, but what she doesn't know is that she's about to steer her friendship with Liza on a collision course that will race from the U.S. to Russia and from Canada to Brazil, and the betrayals she uncovers could cause the end of all of them.

I thought the description of the book was a bit misleading and that is what really turned me off to it. This was more of a spy novel and those are definitely not my cup of tea. The book was very boring to me and not at all suspensful. I am not even sure why I finished it. I think I was hoping that something more would come of it and by the time I realized that nothing was going to happen I was more than halfway through it and just decided to finish it. However, I do like Ms. Caldwell's style of writing which is the reason why I gave it a C+ and not something lower.

I am not sure what I am going to read next and will probably use the random number generator to decide for me. I did pick up three new books today at Borders. I got the newest Allison Brennan book and then two other books that were final bargain clearance. One is a mystery by Shari Shattuck and the other is a memoir. My gift cards are almost done so I think my book buying will decrease. However, I made a bet with Barbara from Heidi's Books with the Stanley Cup Finals, so I will be able to make some purchases on Amazon shortly. (LOL) Not much else is going on... just basking in the glow of making it to the Stanley Cup Finals again! I love my team so much!!!! Happy Reading!


Heidi said...

You crack me up.

I plan on being the one buying new books.

Kristie said...

I am glad you can tell I am joking... well I guess not really. LOL.

Maybe you can pick up some books when you are picking up my gift certificate.

Heidi said...


I can't wait for Saturday... However, if I have to read one more article about how wonderful the Redwings are and that it is their time again....I will scream.

Kristie said...

Hating the truth... that's sad. lol

Heidi said...

It is only the truth in your neck of the woods. LOL