Sunday, April 20, 2008

Losing You by Nicci French

Nicci French is one of my favorite authors and is definitely my favorite British author. I was really excited when I found out they had a new book out and immediately got it from my library. However, I was disappointed when finishing this book and can only rate it a B-.

From Amazon:
Shortly before Christmas, Nina Landry, a divorced mother of two living on isolated Sandling Island somewhere in the south of England, is getting ready for a family vacation in Florida that will include her new marine biologist boyfriend. Blindsided by a surprise 40th birthday party, Nina is further disconcerted when her 15-year-old daughter, Charlie, who was supposed to help with the packing, fails to come home from a slumber party. Nina's seamless first-person account of the next 24 hours mines the frustration and feelings of helplessness that come with any investigation slowed by the rigmarole of police work. This engrossing read captures the importance of the often overlooked and underappreciated minutiae of everyday life while commanding a deeply personal reaction in readers.

I thought that this book could definitely had more suspense and delve more into the psychological suspense of everyone. I always expect great psychological suspense when I read this author and I was really let down. This book was only told from the mother's point of view and I think more could have been done with it. A lot of information was given that I didn't think offer much to the story and then the ending was kind of rushed. The book also had one my biggest pet peeves in books which is no chapters! I love books that have short chapters because I feel like I am reading the book faster and I like setting a place where I can stop reading easily. This book had no chapters or even breaking points in the paragraphs. That really irritated me. In fact, I probably would have rated this book lower than I did if it was not for how much I love this author.

Up next is another library book titled Four Wives. It is a new to me author and is something different from the ususal suspense books I read. I hope it is enjoyable and I can get my reading mojo back. Well, I am off to finish my cleaning before the Red Wings game this afternoon so I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and Happy Reading!

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