Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Absolute Gentleman by R.M. Kinder

I got An Absolute Gentleman from the library after reading about it somewhere. I had really high expectations and unfortunely, I was disappointed. I rated it a B-.

From Amazon:
Inspired by her own brush with a serial killer, Kinder has created a fictional representation that is chilling in its normalcy, haunting in its intensity, and stunning in its portrayal of sheer, sadistic madness. Taciturn English professor Arthur Blume launches his narrative by boldly stating that he is believed to have murdered as many as 17 women. Yet what most outrages him, now that he has been incarcerated, is that journalists are depicting him as a monster. He pens a memoir to correct this impression. In it, he describes in lavish detail the outfitting of his newly rented rooms in the small university town of Mason, Missouri; demurs over particulars of his illicit love affair with a fellow professor; and shares self-deprecating anecdotes about his gallant championing of a maligned colleague. Tucked among these decorous tidbits, however, are tantalizing clues to the demon within, one Kinder allows to emerge as stealthily as a cobra sliding from its bamboo basket. The addition of a self-explanatory epilogue regarding her personal experience detracts only slightly from Kinder's otherwise spellbinding debut novel, a pitch-perfect rendition of the cunning malevolence that can lie hidden beneath the guise of refined civility.

I thought the book was missing a lot. Maybe because I am nore of gritty thriller reader, but I thought the book could have used more about the murders and less about Albert's daily life, which was sort of boring. Maybe because the book was more of the literature type than the suspense I am used to had something to do with it. I am not sure, but it didn't hold up to be the great book I thought it would be.

Up next is Andrew Gross' latest book, In the Blue Zone. I haven't started it yet as things have been a bit crazy. My house looks like a tornado went through it, I haven't seen my husband much this week, and to top it off, I am getting sick. Yay! I had a great job interview on Monday and they called me back yesterday to go and teach a lesson. When my computer crashed, I lost all of my work from student teaching and school, so I have to rewrite my lesson plan and make up new sheets and everything. I have to do that tonight because I am going tomorrow for the lesson. Plus tonights my beloved Red Wings have the first game of their playoff run! I need to cook dinner, clean, shower, do some laundry, get materials for my lesson, type up my lesson plan, and I think that is it. All tonight. I doubt much reading will be getting done, and I just had four more books come in from the library. Plus, if I get this job, it starts right away. All right, now I am getting a bit overwhelmed with having to do all of this, so I better get started. Hope everyone else is getting reading done and Happy Reading!

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