Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Charley's Webb by Joy Fielding

I am currently listening in my car another book by Joy Fielding called Heartstopper. I have been enjoying it and decided to check out other books by her and came across reviews for Charley's Webb and placed a hold on it through my local library. It was an enjoyable read, and the suspense was pretty good. I rate it a B+.

From Amazon:
Charley Webb is a beautiful single mother who writes a successful and controversial column for the Palm Beach Post. She's spent years building an emotional wall against scathing critics, snooty neighbors, and her disapproving family. But when she receives a letter from Jill Rohmer, a young woman serving time on death row for the murders of three small children, her boundaries slowly begin to fade. Jill wants Charley to write her biography so that she can share the many hidden truths about the case that failed to surface during her trial. Seeing this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Charley begins her jour-ney into the mind of this deeply troubled woman.
Her path takes a twisted turn, however, when the anonymous letters she's recently received from an angry reader evolve into threats, targeting her son and daughter. As Charley races against time to save her family, she begins to understand the value of her seemingly intru-sive neighbors, friends, and relatives. As she discovers, this network of flawed but loving people might just be her only hope of getting out alive.

It took me entirely too long to read this book though it was because of me and my schedule of late. Last night I read about 100 pages and then finished the book today. It was a really fast read and the topic was definitely something new and interesting. I didn't have the mystery solved at all until I was in the shower thinking about the book when I had about 50 pages left. Everything just fell in to place and I was able to figure everything out. Still there were a few red herrings thrown in that kept things interesting. I did, however, have a problem with Charley, the main character. She made a lot of stupid choices in her life and didn't seem to realize the consequences of them. I know this is a fiction book, but to me it just seemed like a perfectly wonderful thing for a woman to have two children out of wedlock by two different men and think that her children are actually better because of it. Call me old fashioned, but it really irritated me. That was really the only thing that bothered me, and while it really bothered me, it probably won't bother most people.

Anyways, hopefully things are settling down now (I seem to be saying that a lot lately, and things haven't settled down...) so my reading should be able to increase. This month has been horrible for reading as I have only finished four books so far and last month at this time I had finished six books and still going strong. The next book up is by one of my favorite authors, Nicci French. It is her latest and I got it from the library. I hope to get this read fast. However, my Detroit Tigers are finally starting to turn around and my Wings are in the playoffs, so a lot of games to watch. However, right now the Wings are down 2-0 in the fourth game of the series. They are up 2-1 and I am going to the game Friday night. It would be absolutely wonderful to see them beat Nashville and win the series Friday. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and Happy Reading!

Oh yeah, I forgot...

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liz said...

I didn't realize Fielding had a new book out. I'll have to look for it. Give one of her first ones (I think it's called "Kiss Mommy Goodbye," or "Tell Mommy Goodbye") a try. I read it more than 20 years ago and just loved it.

I've been recommending The Osgoode Trilogy by Mary E. Martin. It's a set of three great novels in the legal suspense genre. Lawyer Harry Jenkins is the main character and you'll love him; he tries to do the right thing and of course, that's not always easy. He's flawed (aren't we all) but he's doing the best he can. Each novel in the trilogy has different characters and they'll all great and unforgettable. I loved Norma Dinnick, the "crazy old lady" in "Final Paradox" and "A Trial of One." You just don't know if she's this sweet old soul in need of protection or if she's devious through and through.

Great, intricate plots and great, interesting characters.

Kristie said...

Thanks for the comments and for the recommendations. I will definitely put those on my list.