Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lifeguard by James Patterson

I picked up Lifeguard by James Patterson at the library to hopefully get me back in the fast track of reading. I read this book very quickly, and hope to get one more in before the end of the month. This book was a good read, though definitely not as good as some of his other books I have read. I would rate this a B.

From Amazon:

Working as a lifeguard in a posh Florida resort, Ned Kelley finds the woman of his dreams. The only thing he needs is money. So when his friends offer to cut him into a deal that promises $1,000,000 each, how can he turn it down? The plan is simplea fast break-and-enter to grab paintings from a rich collector. But on the night of the heist, theyre double-crossed. Worse, Neds friends are brutally executed. Now hes the prime target of both the FBI and the killers. With no one to trust, Ned must dodge the authorities and the vicious killers in a desperate effort to avenge his friends and clear his name.

The suspense was not as good as I would have liked it, though it was still suspensful. I figured out some of the main parts in the story but was surprised by some. I am not sure if it is because of reading so many of Mr. Patterson's books that I have come to expect the unexpected, but some of it I did figure out. I really liked the characters and was really rooting for Ned Kelly. There were a lot of characters to keep track off, so that kind of distracted me a bit. Overall though, I really enjoyed this book.

Andrew Gross is the co-author of this book and I always seem to enjoy when he writes with Mr. Patterson. I did read in Romantic Times magazine that Mr. Gross has written two of his own novels with the second one being released shortly. I am looking forward to checking out his first book on his own and see if I enjoy that as well.

I am not sure what I am going to read next. It will be something from my TBR shelves as I don't have anymore library books out. I did just finish listening to Plum Lucky on CD and enjoyed that as well. It was the first time I listened to a Stephanie Plum book and it was pretty funny. I really liked to reader which I feel is so important for a book on CD to be enjoyable.

I am coming down with some cold or strep throat, so I am going to turn in now. I am not subbing tomorrow as I have a dentist appointment though I do have to work at my mom's at night. I plan on relaxing tomorrow, though there is a ton of stuff around the house I want to get done. I also want to record all of my books again since I lost that. However, if I don't feel well, I will probably spend a lot of time on the couch. This weather is terrible and I am just sick and tired of the cold and snow. I so want to move to Florida. Oh well, I hope everyone is having a good week and Happy Reading!

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