Thursday, February 28, 2008

Giving Up

I tried getting into What Goes Around by Susan Diamond and just couldn't stick with it. I was really in the mood to read, and when I picked up this book, it was just ho hum. In the first 60 pages, I was introduced to probably more than 20 or 25 characters and wasn't given enough details to keep them straight. It was really boring and I couldn't get interested into the book or the characters. I didn't care about what happened to them, and even though it was only 60 pages, it was probably the longest 60 pages I have read in a long time. Following my 60 pages rule, I am giving up. I just have too many books to read and so many more I want to check out that it makes me feel guilty. Does anyone else have this same reaction to giving up books? And why do I feel so guilty? Story of my life I guess.

Up next is the first book by Andrew Gross. I got it from the library and I like to return those as soon as possible. I know it drives me crazy when I want something and have to wait forever to get it, so I will read that one first. I hope everyone else is having better luck with their reading since I doubt I will be able to finish it before tomorrow. I do have to work tomorrow and then when I get home from work I want to get a jump start on cleaning and laundry since I work on Saturday. All that work makes Kristie an anxious reader! Plus, sometime this weekend I want to get all of my books catalogued again. When Lent is up, I have a couple books to get that I am interested in and book gift cards burning a hole in my purse! I want to make sure my list is accurete when I go shopping. Everyone have a great weekend and Happy Reading!

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