Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Delivery Man by Joe McGinniss

For the life of me, I cannot remember where I heard about this book. I really need to start keeping a log to help me remember, because if it is from a blog, I love to compare reviews. Anyways, I heard about the book and placed a hold on it from the library. It was a quick read and definitely something different from my usual style of books. I would give this a B-.

From Amazon:
The Delivery Man is an exhilarating debut—a fast, frightening, and eye-opening portrait of today’s lost generation. It is a love story set against the surreal excess of Las Vegas—and the artificial suburbs, gated communities, and freeways that surround it—where broken lives come to seek new beginnings and casinos feed the lust of tourists and residents alike. Ultrasophisticated local kids grow up fast and burn out early. After attending college in New York, Chase returns to Vegas and is drawn into the lucrative but dangerous world of a teenage call-girl service with his childhood friend Michele, a beautiful Salvadoran immigrant with whom he shares a tragic past. Over the course of one extraordinary summer they will confront the violence and emptiness at the heart of the city and their generation. At once stark and electrically atmospheric, horrifying and hopeful, The Delivery Man is a powerful indictment of a society in which personal responsibility has been abandoned, lust is increasingly mistaken for love, and innocence is an anachronism.

This book was written in a different way but really interesting. The story is told in present day and reflects back to when Chase and all of his friends are in high school. We learn why everyone is the way they are today and where the ideas of the call-girl service comes from. I believe it shows a true portrayl of the risky lifestyles that happens in all towns around the country, not just with call-girls, but with teenagers who are growing up too fast and too soon. However, I do think the story could have been expanded on expecially since it was a short book. I also feel like I was a little ripped off on the ending, so therefore I gave it the lower rating.

Up next is Mary, Mary by James Patterson. I hope this book is much better than You've Been Warned. I have read some other reviews for You've Been Warned and some people agreed with me and others thought it was fantastic. I have enjoyed all of the other Patterson books so hopefully I will like this one as well. I haven't rated a book in the A's for quite awhile so I hoping it will boost my ratings as well. I also am accomplishing one of my goals of cleaning up the TBR shelves so I am happy about that. I also decided for Lent I am giving up book buying so that should help accomplish that goal as well. I don't have a ton of books on hold at the library so that is good too. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and Happy Reading!

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