Thursday, January 17, 2008

Night of Reunion by Michael Allegretto

As I mentioned in the previous entry, I am not sure where I heard of this book but as I was looking for the summary on Amazon, I noticed that several reviews compared this to Mary Higgins Clark books. I have always enjoyed her books, so that may have had something to do with it. I enjoyed this book and give it a B+.

From Amazon:
Four-and-a-half years earlier, Christine Helstrum murdered Alex Whitaker's family. Now she has escaped from a mental hospital, and Alex fears she will attack his new wife and son. The police assure them that Christine could not possibly find Alex, but, unknown to everyone, Christine is already hiding in the Whitakers' rambling Victorian basement, emerging to play innocuous pranks. The pranks, and the novel, are focused on Sarah Whitaker. She knows Christine is toying with her and her family, but can offer no reasonable explanation as to how Christine is penetrating their defenses. Christine's tricks become more malicious, and Sarah's tension and frustration grow until the final confrontation, a battle over Sarah's son. The author has made it easy to identify with Sarah's mixture of fear, anger, and self-doubt; and the inexorable escalation of Christine's mischief into murderous violence makes for a suspenseful thriller.

I would be hard pressed to call this book a thriller but it was still an enjoyable read. The violence level was almost non-existence and we always knew what was going on even when the main characters, Sarah and Alex, don't. However, it was kind of frightening with some of the things that the villan was doing and had me thinking about all of the things that could be going on in a big house that you wouldn't even know about. The book held my attention, and even though it was written over 17 years ago, it held up with the time. I pretty much read this book last night and finished it today on my lunch. I was glad to get another library book returned though. Only three more left.

I leave for Florida on Saturday, so I need to still pack my clothes, and of course pick out my books to bring. I am working tomorrow, though only half a day. I still have a ton of stuff to do, but my cooperating teacher from student teaching had a family emergency and asked me to sub for her yesterday, today and tomorrow. The class is so challenging for us who know them, much less a sub who hasn't had the pleasure to meet them. I also brought home a stack of papers to grade tonight so when she gets back to class on Tuesday she won't have her desk overloaded. She helped me so much so I am happy to help her out. However, I am beat from them and the last thing I feel like doing is grading some papers tonight. I would love to just curl up in bed right now. Oh well, I will have plenty of time to relax next week right?

Up next is Meg Cabot's Big Boned. I enjoy this series and even though I said I was kind of through the chick lit mystery, this one isn't so much chick lit. Ms. Cabot is always hilarious and I have never been disappointed with her books. I hope to get it done before I leave but I am sure that won't happen with all I have left to do. I am not sure if I am going to bring my laptop or not, but if I do, I hope to blog on my reads. If I don't, everyone have a great weekend and week and Happy Reading!

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