Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cold Case by Steven White

After finishing Beach Road by James Patterson, I looked on my bookshelves and pulled out Cold Case. I had listened to one of Steven White's previous books on CD and remember enjoying it. Cold Case was just an average read where I give it a C+.

From Amazon:

Crime-fighting psychologist Alan Gregory untangles a vexing unsolved case of double murder in the Colorado Rockies in this rousing page-turner by thriller specialist White. Gregory is drawn into his seventh fictional adventure by a private organization of criminal experts called Locard, named after a 19th-century French detective. Locard, which reopens decades-old murder cases at the request of survivors and their families, wants Gregory to help reexamine a puzzling case in which the partially mutilated bodies of two teenage girls Tami Franklin and Mariko Hamamoto were found during the spring snowmelt outside Boulder. Gregory is asked to assemble psychological profiles of the girls, their parents and others close to the case in hopes of dispelling the official line that the murders were the work of a drifter. As Gregory's side of the investigation progresses, the finger of guilt seems to point directly at Colorado congressman Raymond Welle, a psychologist who was treating both girls at the time of the killings. Welle also has a shadowy connection to another notorious murderAthat of his wife, who was shot to death seven years earlier by one of his patients. Gregory, along with his wife, Lauren CrowderAnow pregnant and increasingly weakened by her multiple sclerosisAquickly find themselves in the awkward position of accusing one of the state's most powerful politicians of not one, but two crimes.

I thought that this book was just all right. I know this book is one in a series and I know I am reading this out of order, but I was able to get know Dr. Gregory very little. I am not sure what happened with his previous wife, how he got together with his current wife and know hardly anything about him. While this is good in a way as not to give away the plots of other books in the series, I thought a little more detail could be given. This book is long, at over 400 pages, and I think there were some serious overkill with the details of the landscaping and Dr. Gregory's inner thoughts. Maybe it was me, but the book just kind of dragged and wasn't that interesting. There were also a lot of characters to keep track of and that threw the story about. Will I read more of Mr. White's books? Sure, the ones on my TBR. Will I look for more? Unless his other ones pick up the pace, I doubt it.

Up next is one of my library books. I just picked up four more books from the library so I have five to read. There goes part of my goal of reading more from the TBR. However, I have had some of these books on hold for quite awhile, so I am anxious to read these. Up next is Killer Riff by Sheryl Anderson. This is a series I have been reading and enjoy it always, so hopefully that stays true. I am a little sick of the chick lit genre, but I have a feeling I might like this one. Hope everyone else spent a good amount of time reading this weekend and Happy Reading!

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Andrea said...

Thanks for the welcome! I'm already addicted to the blog world... You're just like me with all of the library books, I always check out too many and put off reading the books I actually own and haven't read yet.