Thursday, November 18, 2010

98. Worst Case by James Patterson

As with all of Mr. Patterson's books, this one was a fast read. This past weekend I took a little road trip with my mom to Pennsylvania for a funeral and started Worst Case in the car. I had it finished 2 hours later. But that's one of the things that I like about Mr. Patterson's books... they are easy to read, entertaining, and quick! I give Worst Case a B.

From Amazon:
One by one, children of New York's wealthiest are taken hostage. But the criminal doesn't crave money or power--he only wants to ask the elite if they know the price others pay for their luxurious lifestyles. And, if they don't, he corrects their ignorance--by killing them.To Detective Michael Bennett, it becomes clear that these murders are linked and must be part of a greater, more public demonstration. With the city thrown into chaos, he is forced to team up with FBI agent Emily Parker, and the two set out to capture the killer before he begins his most public lesson yet--a deadly message for the entire city to witness.From the bestselling author who brought you the Alex Cross novels comes James Patterson's most action-packed series yet. With the heart-pounding suspense that only Patterson delivers, WORST CASE will leave you gasping for breath until the very end.

I have to admit, I really like the Michael Bennett character and his family. It's cute and something different. There's not too much to say here as the story is pretty routine for a Patterson book, but it was a nice way to pass a couple of hours in the car. I would never pay for one of his books and always get them from the library or at thift stores. If you like high action suspense, then pick this book up.

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