Thursday, November 18, 2010

97. Killing Spree by Kevin O'Brien

Killing Spree is a book I have had on my shelves for who knows how long. Probably since it first came out, which was close to 4 years ago! It was a quick read and nice to get back into some suspense and thrills and I give it a B+.

From Amazon:
When a serial killer gets a taste for blood...Years ago, the Seattle police were baffled by the Schoolgirl Murders. The killer staged the scenes, dressing his female victims in school girl uniforms and saddle shoes. No woman in Seattle felt safe, until they caught the man responsible, and the case was forgotten...He only wants to do one thing...Across the country, a killing spree is taking place. The first victim is attacked in a taxi by a mysterious stranger. The next is found strangled in a changing room. A hitchhiker is left by the side of the road, his identity brutally stolen. The murders are so bizarre, so random, no one would think to connect them...Kill and kill again...Only Seattle writer Gillian McBride sees the disturbing coincidences between all the murders - and it's hitting too close to home. Somehow, she is the link between past and present - and to a twisted serial killer who shows no signs of stopping. With each terrible piece of a sinister puzzle, a psychopath is carrying out a master plan - a killing spree that needs a final trophy to be fully complete...

The one thing I have to say is I hope this wasn't a follow up or sequel to a book about the Schoolgirl Murders because there were quite a few details about those murders given in the book. I tried skipping over some of it, but there were pages and pages and the conclusion of this book really gives it away. I will admit that I had the bad guy picked out from almost the start, but Mr. O'Brien does a great job of making you doubt yourself a few times. I will definitely be reading the rest of Mr. O'Brien's books I have!

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