Tuesday, June 29, 2010

47. Lost by Joy Fielding

I've always enjoyed Ms. Fielding's books and picked up a couple off of her backlist a couple of weeks ago while I was at my local library. Lost was ok, definitely not my favorite by her, but a good, quick read. I give it a B.

From Amazon:
Julia Carver a twenty-four -old model and aspiring actress is moving in with her mother Cindy, after living with her father past 10 years Julia's return is a huge adjustment for Cindy and her sister Heather. As a child Julia was willful and self absorbed, as an audit she is even worse. When Julis disappears Cindy assumes that she is staying with friends. But after days and nights pass without any word Cindy suspects that something terrible has happened to her daughter and begins a frantic search.

I had a hard time liking a lot of the characters. They were really annoying. I am not sure why, but they all seemed to be a bit selfish. Heather was probably one of the only likeable characters. At first a lot of people thought Cindy was overreacting, and perhaps she was, because Julia is an adult, but I guess you can trust a mother's instinct. I thought Cindy's friends were really annoying in particular, expecting her to attend a movie festival while her daughter was missing. It was somewhat insensitive and I was a bit surprised by it. The ending was somewhat a surprise, but I thought it was a little far-reaching. Overall a good read but nothing that will probably stay with me for a bit. Happy Reading!

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