Wednesday, June 23, 2010

44. Tell Me No Secrets by Joy Fielding

A couple of weeks ago while browsing at one of my local libraries, I realized there were a few of Ms. Fielding's books on her backlist that I hadn't read. I had to rectify that immediately and picked up Tell Me No Secrets. It was just an ok read, somewhat predictible, and I give it a B.

From Amazon:

Eight years after her mother mysteriously disappeared on her way to a doctor's appointment, Chicago prosecutor Jess Koster's panic attacks have returned--as she fights to convict a sadistic rapist who may have killed his latest victim. But Rick Ferguson--the man who threatened to kill Connie DeVuono if she pressed charges and then smiled at the news of her disappearance--may not even be the man behind Jess's stifling fear. Puzzling over the question of who sent her a urine-soaked letter garnished with pubic hairs, she wonders ``how many men [she had] managed to alienate in her young life'' It's a good question for a workaholic prosecutor--especially when you add Jess's hostility toward her lovesick father, her controlling brother-in-law Barry Peppler, her bedroom-minded colleague Greg Oliver, and Terry Wales, the Crossbow Murderer she's trying to nail on murder one. Even the two men she can bring herself to trust--her provocative new romantic interest, Adam Stohn, a shoe salesman; and her protective ex-husband, Don Shaw, who turns out to be Rick Ferguson's own attorney--are pulling her apart by their appeals to her loyalty. Maybe she's just imagining seeing Ferguson's face in so many crowds. But she's not imagining the vandalism to her car or the break-in to her house; and the prognosis on her pet canary doesn't look too good either.

I figured out who the bad guy was fairly early on, though I wasn't sure if I was 100% correct. It was a bit difficult to really like the amin character as I thought she was selfish and kind of self absorbed at times, but overall it was a good book. This one was fairly old though, written in 1993, so it was a bit dated. While not my favorite by Ms. Fielding, it was still an enjoyable book and one I was happy to read.

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