Saturday, January 2, 2010

1. Love In All the Wrong Places by Frank Devlin

Love In All the Wrong Places was another book I selected while I was browsing at one of my local libraries. It was a quick and easy read, and I finished it in one day (yesterday). I give it a B+.

Inside cover:
Helen preys on single men on the make. Hoping always to find her perfect love, she is doomed to seek it in all of the wrong places. Helen is intriguing, even sympathetic, but the men she chooses always end up dead.
The killings seem random. Then, as the bodies mount up, San Francisco Police Department Inspector Rose Burke begins to see their connection. Rose is a complex woman and a savvy homicide detective, struggling in her marriage, reluctanatly pregnant, grieving the death of her former detective partner. Yet she is relentless in her pursuit of a killer. Her husband, Seamus, once a dot-com prodigy, now miserable in a corporate job, seems not to care about her. Her new partner, Joshua, is beginning to care too much.

At times, this book seemed to read like part of a series, but from everything I can tell, it isn't. This was a great psychological suspense read, though there weren't a ton of twists and turns. Rose is quite a lovable character, one I wanted to meet and sit with and talk about her life. We are exposed to her feeling about her husband and unexpected pregnancy and the feelings of her partner. Helen herself is another interesting character and as the pages turn, the reader is let into the her history and how she ended up where she is now. I am going to check further on and see if there are any more books by Mr. Devlin, especially those that are written with Rose featured in them. All in all, Love in All the Wrong Places was a great way to start off the new year.

I have since started my next book, which is titled The Killing Kind by John Connolly. It's another library book that I picked up a couple of weeks ago and hope to get in a good portion of it tomorrow. I am upset that I only have two more days of break left until it's back to work, and I plan to do something that I haven't done much of over the break... RELAX! Tomorrow is dinner at my BIL and SIL's and Monday I plan on grocery shopping and perhaps getting some meals prepared for the week ahead. I hope everyone else is having a great weekend and Happy Reading!


Literary Feline said...

This sounds like another good one, Kristie. I think I need to lighten my reading up with my next book choice. Maybe a cozy mystery. I don't read a lot of those since I have to be in just the right mood.

I hope you are able to relax before you head back for work. That's exactly what I hope to do too.

Staci said...

Get my groceries too would you??? LOL!! This one sounds good...I like those psychological suspense books!!

Kristie said...

Staci... how was going back to work for you? As tough for you as it was for me? I love grocery shopping, so I wouldn't mind doing yours!

Wenyd, I hope you find a great book you enjoy!