Friday, January 8, 2010

3. Hush Money by Robert Parker

I picked up Hush Money at the library a couple of weeks ago and finished it a couple of days ago. It was a quick read and one I enjoyed. I give it a B.

Back cover:
Spenser has his hands full when he takes two cases on at the same time. In the first, a high-minded university might be hiding a killer within a swamp of political correctness. And in the other, Spenser comes to the aid of a stalking victim, only to find himself the unwilling object of the woman's dangerous affection.

This was my first book that I read in the series, but it definitely won't be my last. I really liked Spenser and his cast of characters that hang out with him, including his girlfriend Susan and his sometimes sidekick Hawk. This series is the perfect example of old-fashioned private investigator type of book. There is a lot of following others around and asking questions to find out the information needed. While the two cases Spenser is investigating aren't connected, it doesn't make the story the disjointed in any way and they both held my attention. I also thought liked the somewhat switcheroo where Spenser becomes the stalkee in the case he was investigating. If you haven't read any of the Spenser books, I would highly encourage you to pick one up. I am somewhat disappointed that I didn't start in the beginning, but I will probably go back and read some of the others in this series.

Right now I am reading a Greg Iles book, Blood Memories. It is a long book, over 700 pages long, though I am really enjoying it. I hope to get some serious reading time in this weekend. It's supposed to be very cold out so I would love to stay hunkered down under my Slanket reading quite a bit. Happy Reading everyone!

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Staci said...

I've thought about reading Robert Parker once or twice. Glad that you enjoyed it!! Do you like your slanket??? We had a snow day today!! Yipee...I got out the snow blower and cleared out the driveway...FUN!!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!
Hopefully my road will be plowed out tomorrow!!