Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2. Lost Angel by Marilyn Wallace

Lost Angel is yet another library book I got awhile ago while browsing for reads over my break. It was a short read, yet older, though still good and holds up well. I give it a B.

Inside cover:
Valerie Vincent, a single mother, is struggling to make a life for herself in New York City. Her toddler daughter, Joanna, is safe- she assumes- in the hands of a trusted family friend. Until the day she sees her's baby's face on the television news. Her caregiver has been murdered, and the baby is being taken care of by the police. But when her mother arrives, frantic, to claim the child, she is already gone- taken by another woman!
Who could have done such a monstrous thing? Valerie's alchoholic ex-husband? His fanatically religious parents, who view Valerie as the devil incarnate? Perhaps even those who worship the devil himself? Or maybe someone much less likely- and much closer to home.
For Valerie, the hunt becomes a race against time. If the child was taken by Satanists, she may already have been spirited away for deadly ritual sacrifice. Now a mother must literally put her own life in jeopardy to save that of her child. And whom can Valerie trust, when even those closest to her may not be what they seem?

There are a ton of suspects in the disappearance of little Joanna, I admit throughout the book I was going back and forth in my head trying to decide who it was. It wasn't until the very end that I knew for sure, which is always a pleasant surprise! Ms. Wallace's book reminded me quite a bit of older Mary Higgins Clark books and it was nice to reminice of some of my first "adult" books I read in late middle school, early high school. This book is somewhat old, written in the early nineties, and I had to chuckle when the main character, Valerie, thinks about getting a Caller ID, the newest thing on the block, and how it was a brand new technology that is quite difficult to explain and fathom. It just goes to show how much technology does change and how quickly we become adapted to it.

I am not sure if I am going to read another library book or one off of my shelves. I may lean towards the library book just because it sitting right next to my chair, and I am feeling lazy. It was so cold at school today and I still haven't warmed up! Happy Reading!

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Staci said...

The staff lounge/restrooms were like meat lockers the past two days at my school!!!

You always pick really great sounding reads!!!