Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs

I listened to Sellevision on my IPOD and this story had me cracking up. I decided to get Running With Scissors because it is written by the same author and I am on a memoir kick. I wasn't sure of what to expect from this book, but I don't think anything could have prepared me for this. It was an interesting read that I would have to rate a B+.

From Amazon:

This memoir by Burroughs is certainly unique; among other adventures, he recounts how his mother's psychiatrist took her to a motel for therapy, while at home the kids chopped a hole in the roof to make the kitchen brighter. Not all craziness, though, this account reveals the feelings of sadness and dislocation this unusual upbringing brought upon Burroughs and his friends. His early family life was characterized by his parents' break-and-destroy fights, and after his parents separated, his mother practically abandoned Burroughs in hopes of achieving fame as a poet. At 12, he went to live with the family (and a few patients) of his mother's psychiatrist. At the doctor's home, children did as they wished: they skipped school, ate whatever they wanted, engaged in whatever sexual adventures came along, and trashed the house and everything in it, while the mother watched TV and occasionally dusted.

The things that Mr. Burroughs writes about are just totally unbelievable, but sadly believable. After teaching you realize that some parents and the things that they put their children through are absolutely unbelievable. This story had me laughing at times and also feeling like crying. The pure madness and craziness is just so out there and weird. I did enjoy the book though at times felt uncomfortable. Some of the details are so extreme and can be a little bit over the top. It does go into some graphic details and probably not for everyone. I did enjoy it though, and this past weekend bought his other two memoirs from the Borders Outlet store. I know the title of one of them is Dry, though I am not sure what the other is. Another customer there told me they were both excellent so I picked them. I probably won't read them right away, but soon.

Things are finally calming down. I have my last observation tomorrow and I think I am just so tired of it all that I am kind of thinking who cares. I have worked so hard for so long and am getting the recgonition, which I am thankful for, but I have a case of senioritis and I love just relaxing at night. After Thursday I will be able to finish my huge project so that should be put to bed by Sunday. Yay! Anyways, I love getting back into my reading swing and am so happy that I am reading at a relative good pace. My goal that I set for myself for 2007 was to read 100 books and I am at 86 right now. It may be a stretch with only a little bit over a month left, but I am going to try. Considering how busy and little reading I have done since school started in September and my big slump this summer when I was going through depression and anxiety, I am pretty impressed with my reading. Most of the books were not short ones so that makes me feel better.

Up next I am reading another memoir by Laurie Notaro. This one is called The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club. I hope it is as good as the others I have been reading. I hope everyone else is getting a lot of reading done. Happy Reading!

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