Monday, October 8, 2007

The Quickie by James Patterson

I won The Quickie from Emily's blog contest, and I was excited to read it. It was my first James Patterson's novel and all I heard about him was true. This book was great and I read it quickly. An A-.

From Amazon:

Lauren Stillwell is not your average damsel in distress.When the NYPD cop discovers her husband leaving a hotel with another woman, she decides to beat him at his own game. But her revenge goes dangerously awry, and she finds her world spiraling into a hell that becomes more terrifying by the hour. In a further twist of fate, Lauren must take on a job that threatens everything she stands for. Now, she's paralyzed by a deadly secret that could tear her life apart. With her job and marriage on the line, Lauren's desire for retribution becomes a lethal inferno as she fights to save her livelihood--and her life.Patterson takes us on a twisting roller-coaster ride of thrills in his most gripping novel yet. This story of love, lust and dangerous secrets will have readers' hearts pounding to the very last page.

This book was really good. I know that sounds so bland, but it really sums up how I feel. The reader is constantly being led by red herrings throughout the story and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I loved getting in the mind of Lauren and all that she goes throughout the story. I enjoyed reading a good suspense novel where there wasn't a serial murderer on the loose (though I do love those types of books) and the detectives track them down. We are taken through the whole experience with Lauren and most of it isn't through an investigation. I highly recommend this book. The only downside I have with the book is it was so short. The font was big, the chapters short, and only 347 pages. With a going price of $27.99, I truly find it to be disgusting that publishers try and get that much money out of us for such a short book. I mean I haven't been reading a whole lot lately and I finished it so fast. I think I will read future Patterson books, but through the library or UBS.

Not sure what is up next. I don't have any library books out right now so I am going to look on the TBR shelves and see what grabs my attention. Hope everyone is staying cool since this heat wave has taken over us. 90 degrees on October 8 in Michigan! I love it but it is going to change tonight. Happy Reading!

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