Thursday, January 18, 2007

Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich

I finally got Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich this weekend from the library. I love her books, but they are such a quick read, and are always priced way too high, so I have to wait for it from the library. Either the library or Costco. But since I rarely reread books, it kind of is a waste to spend all of that money. But anyways, I finally got it from the library, and it was worth the wait. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Barney and her unfaithful NASCAR racing honey, Sam Hooker, find themselves in trouble after discovering the shrink-wrapped body of ruthless businessman Oscar Huevo in a rival racer's car hauler. The pair must pull together to protect a high-tech gizmo that can revolutionize racing-and save their lives. Evanovich burns some rubber and only hits the brakes a few times, thanks to her bright dialogue, race-track savvy and expert depiction of romantic mayhem. Though sometimes it seems as if she's still taking a test drive with this new cast of eccentrics, the pages fly by as the racy tension between Hooker and Barney adds heat to the fun. Action on the menu includes destruction of valuable race cars, a dognapping and a kidnapping.

While I love the Stephanie Plum series, I think that this series may become the better one, IMO. I like a big part of it is because Barney, while not sure if she should trust Booker, has picked him to be her guy. I am getting a little tired of the Ranger, Joe and Stephanie love triangle, and I liked seeing Barney and Booker together. The mystery was all right, but there were quite a few laugh out loud moments. I really do love Evanovich's writing style, as it is so light and easy to read. Whether it be a paragraph or 3 chapters, I really whiz through it and get a satisfied feeling.

Another point that I really enjoyed was Beans, the Saint Bernard in the story. My husband has been begging me for a Saint Bernard, and while they are lovable, adorable dogs, this book just reinforced while I do not want to get one. They slobber, drool, and are sooooo big! Beans really added a great aspect to the story, and also provided some really laughable moments. I am sure everyone has read her books, but if you haven't I highly recommend her books to you!


Holly said...

I've had this book in my TBR pile (and the first one) forever now, but I can't seem to make myself pick them up. I love JE's Plum series, and I think I'm afraid this won't live up to my high expectations from her.

I think I'll give it a try, though.

Good review.

Emily said...

I've also had this book sitting there collecting dust in my TBR read pile for a few months now. I keep picking it up and looking at it and then going "nah...not right now." However, seeing that you really enjoyed it maybe i'll pick it up this weekend and give it a shot :)

Kristie said...

It really is an easy and fast read. While it took me a couple of days to get through it, it really wasn't the book, it was just life interferring.

Kristie (J) said...

I have the first one in this series and adore the Stephanie Plum books although yea - getting tired of the Ranger/Joe thing - just pick Joe and be done with it already, so I really do need to read the first one and then this one. I could do with a laugh out loud read *g*

Kristie said...

I so agree too! I want Stephanie to pick Joe. Responsible, wants to settle down, a good calming force for Stephanie, but also still very sexy! Ranger isn't stable enough for him!