Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Deadly Housewives

I began reading Deadly Housewives last night, and while I was looking forward to this book, I could not finish it. It wasn't the writing or even the stories, but I think I have finally realized that I just do not like short stories. I like being able to really get to know the characters and learn more about them and their motivations. I think that the reason why I am not successful in reading short stories is because I do not get to know the characters enough. So while I am sure that stories inside this anthology were great, I just could not finish it. I really think that it is more of a personal problem than anything with the book though.

With only six more days until school starts up again, and subbing to start tomorrow, I am planning on cramming in much more reading tonight, and if I am not called to sub tomorrow, all day tomorrow as well. Not sure what I am going to read, but I am planning on pulling something off of the TBR. Might as well work on one of those goals I set earlier. I just need to get started with my cleaning. Dinner is in the crock pot and will be ready in about an hour, so I want to get the vacuuming done before than. Then it is all reading tonight!


Literary Feline said...

I previewed this particular book last year (sounds so long ago, doesn't it? Haha). I enjoyed many of the stories, but like you, Kristie, short stories just aren't my favorite reading material. I often find myself reading part of a short story anthology and then setting it aside to come back to at a later time--and then they collect dust.

Kristie said...

Yup, the one story I read was good and funny, but I just really like to get into the motivation of characters and everything. Since it is a library book, off it goes.

Emily said...

I have the same problem with short stories anthologies also Kristie. There's just not enough meat in the story to really get me involved. And then just as I'm starting to get to know the characters the stories over with. I've given up on trying to read stuff like this because I very rarely ever finish it.