Wednesday, May 19, 2010

37. Man and Wife by Andrew Klavan

I picked up Man and Wife while browsing at my local library. This was a new to me author, but the premise sounded promising so I picked it up. I was disappointed and now have a new author to check out! I give it a B.

From Amazon:
Cal Bradley's marriage is the stuff of romance. For fifteen year,, he has shared his life with Marie, a woman he passionately adores. In an idyllic corner of New England that has been home to his family for generations, Cal has become one of the most respected men in town: a father, churchgoer and a talented psychiatrist who runs a family clinic. Life is good.Then one night, a nineteen-year-old boy named Peter Blue sets a local church on fire and is sent to Cal for treatment For the patient, it's a last chance at redemption. For Cal, it's a journey into fear, deception, and murder.Because somehow Peter Blue's inner life is connected to Cal', reality...and to his wife's hidden past. And before Cal can hunt down the truth he is going to have to choose between everything he believes is right, and everything he loves.

I thought the main character was so realistic and the author does a great job of showing how things that look perfect may not always be. I had the mystery figured out pretty quickly, but I loved the way the author explained everything. I need to check out more books about psychologists as the main character because I find it amazing!

I know this review may not make much sense, but I have to go pick up my kids from the library, so I am just trying to get this finished. Happy Reading!


Staci said...

Not sure if it's one that I would read but you have me interested!!!

Literary Feline said...

Psychologists do make for interesting protagonists, don't they? I am glad you enjoyed this one, Kristie, even if the mystery was easy to figure out.