Monday, April 26, 2010

31. U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton

I've been in love with Ms. Grafton for about 10 years since I received her first three books as a Christmas gift. I was excited to finally get my chance from the library on U is for Undertow and wasn't disappointed. I give it an A-.

From Amazon:
It's April, 1988, a month before Kinsey Millhone's thirty-eighth birthday, and she's alone in her office doing paperwork when a young man arrives unannounced. He has a preppy air about him and looks as if he'd be carded if he tried to buy booze, but Michael Sutton is twenty-seven, an unemployed college dropout. Twenty-one years earlier, a four-year-old girl disappeared. A recent reference to her kidnapping has triggered a flood of memories. Sutton now believes he stumbled on her lonely burial when he was six years old. He wants Kinsey's help in locating the child's remains and finding the men who killed her. It's a long shot but he's willing to pay cash up front, and Kinsey agrees to give him one day. As her investigation unfolds, she discovers Michael Sutton has an uneasy relationship with the truth. In essence, he's the boy who cried wolf. Is his current story true or simply one more in a long line of fabrications?

Written in true Grafton form, we are included in all of the day to day life of Kinsey and her personal problems she is having with her new found family. It's always like coming home and catching up with old friends and I really loved the book. While not the most thrilling book, it is fun and a great way to pass an afternoon. I just wish Ms. Grafton would write a bit faster!

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Literary Feline said...

My husband really liked this one too. I need to catch up with this series (my husband keeps getting on my case). I still haven't read T.