Sunday, February 21, 2010

16. The Quiet Game by Greg Iles

I recently, within the past year or so, discovered Greg Iles. While his books are chunksters, they are always enjoyable. I have another book by Mr. Iles I've wanted to read for awhile but felt like I should read The Quiet Game first as it takes place first. I picked up knowing that I had some time off from work and could dedicate more time to it. It sitll took me awhile, but I really enjoyed it and give The Quiet Game a B+.

Back cover:
Ntachez, Mississippi, is the jewel of the antebllum South, a city of old money and older sins, where passion, power, and racial tensions seethe beneath its elegant facade.
It is here that Penn Cafe, a Houston prosecutor turned novelist, returns to his childhood home, hoping to find some solace in the aftermath of his wife's death. But peace is not what he finds.
Penn is stunned to discover that his own family is trapped in a web of intrigue and danger. But as Penn tries to right the wrongs, he stumbles over the town's darkest secret- and soon learns that this haunting mystery is inextricably bound up with the highest leves of government. With the won closing ranks around him, Penn suddenly realizes that his crusade for justice may cost him his illustrious career- and his life...

It is a bit difficult to classify this book... part legal suspense, part action and part mystery you get a bit of everything mixed up into one. Penn is a great character, one that is flawed but so likeable and believeable and one that really looks out for the little guy. What starts out as a case of revenge, Penn ends up biting off more that he can chew. I love the setting of southern Mississippi (especially since I really do love all things South and really want to move down there eventually) in a small town and thought that Mr. Iles does a fantastic job of discussing and exploring racial tensions both now and in the heights of the Civil Rights era in the 60s, though at times it was difficult to read. Parts were a bit unbelieveable, but in a way that you don't want to believe that the government and people could act like that. I will be reading many more Iles books in the future.

Ok... I need to log off. I am watching the hockey game (Canada vs. U.S.) and am too enthralled. While I wish my Wings' coach Babcock and my beloved hero Steve Yzerman lots of luck I have to cheer on the U.S. Plus the Red Wings' own and Michigan native Brian Rafalski has the Americans' two goals and can I barely type this as I watch. Hopefully I will get some reading done tonight between periods and perhaps on another snow day tomorrow. I also hope to get to everyone's blogs as well some time tonight. Happy Reading!


Staci said...

Now I have heard of Greg Iles!! but of course I haven't read any of his books. This one sounds really good and I like having a good mix of things going on. I had no idea that the US and Canada are on the ice right now. Would it be mean if I kicked my son of the Wii to turn it on???? LOL!! Enjoy the game and hopefully we'll both have a snow day tomorrow!

Kristie said...

Staci... I will include your district in my snow dance! Good luck!

Vickie said...

Kristi: Thank you for visiting my blog.
I absolutely concur with your review of this book. It was exactly how I felt as I listened to it. I cringed at times and just shook my head at others.
Can't wait to read more of his books.

Thoughts of Joy said...

Yes, indeed - a snow day for me! I hope you got one, too. The snow is so beautiful. It looks like I'm in a snow globe!

I must get me another dose of Greg Iles! I've only read a few (2 for sure) and really, really enjoyed them.

As for the hockey game - woo hoo!!! I watched only the parts that the Olympics broke into. One of which was the last minute or so. Go USA!

Literary Feline said...

I've read one book by Iles--and it was so good, but not at all what I expected. I have a copy of this one in my TBR stack and am looking forward to reading it. I'm glad you liked it!