Wednesday, February 17, 2010

15. The Deubtante Divorcee by Plum Sykes

To continue with the brain candy I've been feeding myself lately, I decided to read The Debutante Divorcee. I had enjoyed Ms. Sykes' previous novel, The Bergdorf Blondes and thought it was time to give the next one a chance. I enjoyed it and it was pleasant read, one that I mark a B+.

Back cover:
Lauren Blount’s life is beautifully arranged: she’s very rich, very young, very thin, very pretty -- and very, very divorced. She is the most reckless and glamorous of Manhattan’s Debutante DivorcĂ©e set. Lauren captivates Sylvia Mortimer, the group’s token newlywed. But while Lauren sets out on a morality-lite, orgasm-heavy "Make Out Challenge," Sylvia discovers her marriage isn’t exactly an Eternity ad -- especially when the city’s most notorious Husband Huntress zeros in on her spouse.
Navigating a world of Divorce Showers and Power Christenings, Socialite Babies, Professional Friends, Gorgeous West Village Wives, and Un-Googleable Men, Sylvia fears her husband is straying and starts asking, as Lauren says, "Who needs a husband anyway?"

Like I mentioned above, this is pure brain candy, but sometimes you need a break from the heavy and dark stuff. Sylvia is the somewhat more down-to-earth character among the crazies and one that you want to root for. There is your usual mix-up among the love interests and a predictible ending, but it was still enjoyable. Even the outrageously rich characters were not that annoying this go around, and I liked the character of Lauren and could even imagine myself hanging out with them all. If you sometimes like to get lost in the pages of Cosmo or reality tv, I would recommend The Debutante Divorcees to you.

I am now taking a break from my library books to read one of my own. It's one I started sometime last year and put down, and I decided to give it a go this last half of break. It's a long one, coming in at 559 pages, but if I keep up my pace of reading, I should have it done by the weekend! Happy Reading all!


Staci said...

Brain candy is good for you!!! I love to break up serious reading by books that are just plain fun!! Enjoy your next one from your shelves!

I love your new profile pic!!

Kristie said...

Thanks Staci! The little one is my mom's, but he stays with me right now during her busy time (she owns her own tax and accounting business). The big is my mine. They are best friends!