Tuesday, February 16, 2010

13. Irresistible by Ethan Black

Uh-oh... in attempts to get some things in order around the house and up my reading time, I've been spending some time away from the computer and now I am behind in my reviews and my blog reading. Irresistible is a book I've had on my shelves for awhile and I decided to pick it up and give it a try. I'm glad I did... it was a good suspense read and different from those that I typically read. I give it a B+.

Back cover:
Devastatingly sexy and deceptively lethal Nora Clay moves undetected through New York City, shadowing her unsuspecting prey. Once she has seduced her victim, she will leave him sweating, hungry for more. Until she stabs out his life in a flash of fury and steel. That is how TV producer Paul Anderson meets his grisly end.
In the middle of Manhattan's worst heat wave in twelve years, sex crimes detective Conrad Voort is assigned the disturbing case. At the murder scene he finds a taunting message scrawled on the wall: I know you. And the killing is far from over. For Nora Clay "knows" other men. Including Conrad Voort. Now, as he pursues one of the most elusive and brilliant killers he has ever confronted, the hunter becomes the hunted...

This was a different type of suspense book because right from the start the reader is aware of who is doing the killing but not the why. Voort is a really likeable character, one who is sympathetic and kind, and you really find yourself cheering for him and success everywhere. Nora is one messed up girl, but once you get to know more of her story, things become a bit more clear. The suspense continues to build throughout the story and the thrills keep coming. I thought setting the crime during a heat wave adds to the thrill of the book. There are some other story lines running through the book that I felt like I was missing out on because Irresistible is a part of a series, but it didn't bother me too much. I definitely plan on checking out more of Mr. Black's work in the future.

I have one more review to finish that I hope to get to sometime later on today. I am enjoying my week off from subbing, though I am still working everyday at my online job and my mom's office, but I hope to keep up the great pace of reading I have going on right now. I also hope to check in with everyone else soon and read about the great books you have been reading! Happy Reading all!


Literary Feline said...

Better to be behind in reviews than not reading books at all.:-)

This sounds like a good thriller. I'll have to add Black to my must read list. Thank you for the recommendation!

I hope you continue to enjoy your week, Kristie!

Staci said...

Every time I read your reviews I realize how little of this genre I have read!!! This one does sound good. Sometimes I really enjoy knowing who did it but trying to figure out the why is a fun attempt to try to get inside the mind of a psycho!!!