Saturday, September 19, 2009

Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain

I've been a fan of Chelsea Cain since her first Gretchen Lowell book was released 2 years ago. They are such a different type of suspense book, one unlike anything else out there. I've been waiting and waiting for Evil at Heart and finally had the chance to pick it up from the library yesterday. I couldn't wait to get into it and I ended up starting and finishing it this evening. I give it an A-.

I am not going to give the synopsis or inside cover of this book because I think if you haven't read either of the other two books in the series you will be spoiled. This is a series that MUST be read in order otherwise everything becomes ruined for you. I do feel the need to warn you though... if you are at all squeamish, sensitive to descriptive language and/or violence, I would probably pass on these books. Ms. Cain is one of a few authors who can actually spook me and creep me out.

I am not sure how much further this series will continue, though I do think that Evil at Heart seems a bit more resolved than the other books were. I am somewhat grateful for this because you never know with the publishing world... one day a series that is wildly popular can be discontinued the next day. Look up this series if you love a good suspense, especially one that focuses on serial killers.

I am not sure what I'm going to read next. I have one more library book, but would like to continue to reading one library book, and then one of my own books to keep up with the RYOB challenge. I pledged to read 40 of my own books and so far, out of the 103 books I've read this year, only 32 have been my own! I love my library, but need to read more of my own books. Well, I feel like I'm coming down with the cold/flu my hubby's had the past week, so I think I'm off to bed. Happy Reading everyone!


Staci said...

I can't wait to be spooked and creeped out!!! Yay!! an A-!!

anne.gardner said...

Kristie, we're really glad you enjoyed EVIL AT HEART so much. If you are interested in reviewing more from Minotaur Books, please contact me at

Anne Gardner
Minotaur Books, a division of St. Martin's Press.

Kristie said...

Staci... get to it! It's fantastic!

Wendy said...

I liked this one. I didn't love it like Heartsick and Sweetheart - but it was an enjoyable, page-turning read.

Literary Feline said...

I hope you aren't getting sick, Kristie. :-( Feel better!

I haven't any of the books in this series yet, but it's on my must read list. I'm glad to hear the series continues to be good.

Kristie said...

Wendy... I thought this one was better than the second, but of course, the first holds as the best.

Wendy... I hope you get to them soon. There's not much else out there like them!