Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Their Blood by Sharon Potts

In Their Blood is a suspense book by new author Sharon Potts. I heard about this on several different blogs, I believe, though of course I didn't use my handy-dandy little notebook to record it. It was a good book and one that I flew through, even with completing some of my projects I had to do. I give it a B+.

Inside cover:
Born into a live of privilege, Jeremy loves freedom, but loathes responsibility. Unable- or unwilling- to cope with the demands of college life, Jeremy drops out and starts backpacking his way across Europe. But this free-spirited drifter crashes back to brutal reality when his parents, Rachel and Daniel Stroeb, are murdered in their home on Miami Beach.
When he returns to Miami, Jeremy faces the responsibility he once feared and assumes guardianship of his teenage sister, Elise, who is traumatized and convinced the killer will be back for her.
With steely, urgent resolve, Jeremy vows to find out what really happened to Rachel Stroeb, the respected CPA, and Daniel Stroeb, the controversial professor. Determined to get on the inside of his parents' lives, Jeremy takes a job at the accounting firm where his mother worked, and enrolls at the university where his father taught.
But too many details don't add up. With mounting certainty that his parents were anything but the people he thought they were, Jeremy must face the toughest questions of all. Who were Rachel and Daniel Stroeb? And when will the killer be back for the next of kin?

Jeremy is a difficult character to like. He is very selfish, and though he says he is going to take care of his sister, some of the decisions he makes do not add up to that. Jeremy also has a tough time learning about his parents and discovering who they really are and discovering some of the mistakes they have made in their lives. Because of these two things, this story is very true to the heart. I think I would have had a hard time believing things if Jeremy just came back from Europe and became Mr. Mom to his younger sister Elise. The suspense was done well, and several times I was running back and forth to who I thought the killer was. I eventually figured out the why, but was a bit unsure of the who. If you enjoy a good suspense book, I would strongly suggest you pick up In Their Blood.

I up way too late, so I am going to say Good Night and Happy Reading!


Staci said...

I've never heard of Potts or this title but I like the sounds of it. Will have to be on the lookout for it!!!

Kristie said...

This was Potts' first book and it definitely shows promise. I will be looking for more by her in the future!