Monday, August 10, 2009

Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl with April Henry

I first heard about Face of Betrayal on Bill O'Reilly's show and it seemed like something I would like; a ripped from the headlines legal thriller. I placed a hold on it through my library and it finally came in. Once I sat down and read it, the pages flew and it was enjoyable. I end up rating it a B.

Inside cover:
While home on Christmas break, a seventeen-year-old Senate page takes her dog out for a walk and never returns. Reporter Cassidy Shaw is the first to break the story. The resulting media firestorm quickly ensnares Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce and FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges. The three unique women are life-long friends who call themselves The Triple Threat- a nickname derived from their favorite dessert and their uncanny ability to crack cases via their three positions of power.
Though authorities think Katie might have been kidnapped or run away, those theories shatter when Nicole uncovers Katie's blog. They reveal a girl troubled by a mysterious relationship with an older man. Possibly a U.S. Senator.
As the three women race against time to find Katie alive, their increasing emotional involvement brings out their own inner demons and external enemies. There are many faces of betrayal, but they mus find the one face in a crowd of growing suspects before they become the next victims.

Face of Betrayal is the beginning of a series that strongly reminds me of the Women's Murder Club by James Patterson. I really liked all of the characters and found them very different, but instead of clashing, their differences bring out the best of each woman. While some other mini-stories are running through the book, the main focus is on Katie's disappearance. I did have some problems with the other stories, as it just seemed like the author decided, "uh-oh, I only have x amount of pages to finish the book, I better wrap everything up now" because some of it was really rushed. I enjoyed the story, but am glad I didn't spend the $25.00 for it. If you enjoy the Women's Murder Club, I suggest you be on the lookout for Face of Betrayal.

I am not sure what I am going to read next. I have one library book, but I may choose something off of my own shelves. I have so much coming up this week, and haven't been feeling 100%, so I want something that I can immediately be sucked into. I haven't even read all of my blogs for the past two days, and I need to do some vacauming, and get my final grades in before tomorrow at noon, so I am going to be quite busy. I hope everyone else is having a more relaxing week and end of summer and Happy Reading!


Staci said...

That's why I don't purchase a lot of books because what if I hate it??? and spent 25.00!! Makes me ill...I'm glad that you enjoyed this one. I haven't heard of it but I like the storyline!!!

Kristie said...

I know what you mean Staci. Even if I do love it, I so rarely reread books and end up donating it so it's a waste to spend $25. Now paperbacks I don't mind, but if I can get it from the library I much more happy.