Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Other Woman by Joy Fielding

The Other Woman by Joy Fielding is one of Ms. Fielding's oldest books. Published in 1983, I was afraid that the story may be too dated, but fortunetly, it wasn't. The book, topic, and the way the story was dealt with are all revelant to today's world. The Other Woman was a good read, and I give it a B-.

Back cover:
She was liberated- and fiercely independent- which only made it worse when she fell into the oldest trap in the world: a love affair with a married man. Unlike many another "other woman" she became his wife. And all too soon her mother's semmingly old-fashioned prediction came true: "If he'll do it to one woman, he'll do it to you."
At first Jill Plumely thought it was a flattering, if tasteless, joke when the sexy, beautiful young attorney introduced herself and whispered I'm going to marry your husband. Then David Plumey began spending late nights and weekends at the office. And Jill realized it was no joke; she recgonized the scenario all too well. Rotten coincidence? Maybe. Perhaps poetic justice. Jill knew all about being David's mistress; now she knew what it meant to be his wife.

I am used to Ms. Fielding's suspense books, so I was a bit disappointed that this book lacked some of the suspense. I did, however, really enjoy Jill's character. I could totally relate with her feelings and thoughts. At times I had a hard time feeling sorry for Jill, though, because as the description says, she was at one time the other woman and she broke up a marriage herself. Ms. Fielding does a good job making Jill sympathetic, though, and shows how sometimes karma really can come back and bite you. While this wasn't my favorite Ms. Fielding book, it was an enjoyable read.

My reading has really slowed down again. The past two days have been absolutely gorgeous out, so I have been spending as much time outside riding my bike, talking walks, etc. Plus the Red Wings are in the playoffs, so a lot of time has been spent watching them and the other playoff games. I went to the game last night and had an awesome time but we had to wait for over an hour in line to leave the parking garage, so I was able to finish up The Other Woman. Today is going to be spent catching up on tv shows, reading 27 Bones by Jonathan Nasaw, and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow (YUCK!!!). Happy Reading everyone!

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