Monday, April 13, 2009

Fetish by Tara Moss

I got Fetish by Tara Moss last week when I was browsing at the library. It sounded interesting and since the book was set in Australia I figured it would be good to expand my reading locations and settings. Even though I have had so much extra time lately, I haven't done much reading so today I decided to put on the Tiger's game, shut down the computer and read. It worked and I finished Fetish, giving it a B+.

Back cover:
Mak is young, beautiful- and in grave danger. An international fashion model, she arrived in Australia on assignment, only to find her best friend brutally murdered, the latest victim of a serial killer with a very deadly fetish. Before she knows it, Mak herself is caught up in a twisted game of cat-and-mouse. Who can you trust and where can you turn when you are the dark obsession of a sadistic psychopath.

I really liked the main character, Mak. Though she is a model, she is old for the industry (25... that is so not old!!!!) and is taking jobs to put herself through school to become a forsenic psychologist. The youngest daughter of a homicide detective from Canada, Mak is thrown into the hunt for this horrible killer and is soon finds herself stalked. The mystery was done well and there was even a little bit of romance thrown in. The killer was definitely a bad guy who was very twisted though I did feel that there weren't a lot of clues to help the reader detect who he was. I loved reading about Australia and the language/slang was just a little difficult to understand. It seems that Mak is a main character in a mystery series and Fetish is either the first or second book in the series. I plan on looking for more in this series if I can find them through my library.

I am not sure what I am going to read next. I know I have several books from the library to read, including a Lisa Jackson book that is due back this week. Perhaps I will pick that one up or maybe another library book or one of my own. I am off to take a shower and then I will decide. I know I want to take as much as my free time possible for reading. I hope everyone else is reading some great books and Happy Reading!


Literary Feline said...

This sounds like a good one, Kristie. I agree, twenty-five, doesn't sound very old--but I suppose in the modeling industry it probably is, which is sad when you think about it. Mak does sound like a great character and I love the setting for this one. Another one to add to my wish list. Thank you for the recommendation!

Kristie said...

The setting was good and definitely different from anything I have read, though I wish it had more description. I believe the author is from Australia.