Saturday, February 14, 2009

Final Therapy by Robert A. Burton

This is an old book that I picked up from either a thrift store or used book sale at the library. The back of it sounded interesting and I thought it was something that would grab me right away. It ended up being a disappointment, however, and I rate it a C.

Back cover:
Dr. Alan Forester is one of San Francisco's most prominent psychiatrists. His patients are driven to self-destructive games of power and humilation. His job takes him into the darkest, most dangerous realms of human desire. But Dr. Forester understands that the relationship between doctor and patient is as delicate as the line between fantasy and reality. And he knows at least one colleague who has crossed that line.
Now one of Dr. Forester's patients is dead. The police are investigating a series of sadomasochistic murders. And someone is playing mind games with Dr. Forester. Mind games that kill...

I thought that the book was pretty predictible. The description of the book makes it sound so much more interesting that when it really was. I really enjoy reading books that center around psychiatrists and was hoping to find a new favorite, but the writing was just too dry for me. There was a lot of telling and not showing which sometimes works, but not in this case. I really hope that I am not entering a reading slump right now. This is two books in a row that has been a bit of a disappointment, and right now I have been working so much that all of the little time I do have for reading I want something that will be begging me to pick it up and delve in to the pages.

With that being said, I ended up picking up 4 books I had on hold from the library yesterday and also got about 8 books from a library used book sale. I also transferred some prescriptions to Rite Aide today and got $50.00 in gift cards, so I picked up the newest book by Lisa Jackson along with her sister Nancy Bush, Wicked Game. I have been eyeing this one for awhile and because of my budget cuts lately I haven't bought any new books. I figured with this extra money and savings with my coupons and gift cards, I deserved to get one new book. Who knows when I will eventually get around to it though...

Last night I got hit with a killer migraine, one of my worst ones in years. It included all of the fun things like throwing up and now suffering from a migraine hangover. I am exhausted but I think I am going to jump into one of my library books and at least get a head start. This week is Mid-Winter Break for schools, and one of the districts I sub for is off all next week and the other one is just closed on Monday and Tuesday. My mom needs me to work at her office on Monday and Tuesday, so there goes my mid-winter break. I am planning on probably having Wednesday off and have a ton of stuff to get done... but I just want a lazy day! My lazy Sundays are gone and right now I am just feeling very whiny and overwhelmed. Please ignore it...I have the mid-winter blahs. Happy Reading everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, you've done it to me again. I haven't heard of this author! I am always surprised when that happens. Is that egotistical or what? (lol)