Monday, September 3, 2007

Denial by Keith Ablow

I have several of Mr. Ablow's novels, but after reading a review on a blog for his book Denial, I ran out to the library and checked it out. It was a good book, though I really felt it was short on suspense. I grade Denial a B+.

Frank Clevenger is a forsenic pyschiatrist who hates authority, fears intimacy, uses sex as an anesthetic, is tortured by his professional mistakes, and can't free himself from the shadows of a brutal, alcoholic father and an absent, unfeeling mother. But it is precisely this injured psyche that allows hiim to understand the deranged behavior of the mental and emotional outcasts who cross his professional path.

As Denial opens, all of Clevenger's understanding and expertise are put to the test: He has been asked to rubber-stamp the mental competence of a homeless schizophrenic who has confessed to a particularly grisly murder. But as evidence of a shocking series of murders begins to mount over the next seventy-two hours, Clevenger will be forced to confront his own most terrifying and powerful demons.

This book focused more on Frank's growth as a man and a pyschiatrist than the mystery. Through the mystery, Frank is able to realize a lot more about himself and why he choses the destructive path he is on. It was quite interesting to learn and see a lot about a guy who is a doctor working with the police that is constantly getting drunk and high on cocaine. It was a great look at all of the problems Frank has and how they can affect someone.

My reason for marking this book down was because I felt there was little work and discussion on the case in the story. While several murders occur, there is not a whole lot of investigation. This book was relatively short at just over 260 pages, and I felt that Mr. Ablow could have expanded more on the mystery while still allowing the reader see Frank grow as a person and a doctor. The killer was somewhat of a surprise and it was an enjoyable book. I will definitely plan on reading more of his books, particularly the ones on my TBR shelves.

Not sure what is up next. I start my student teaching tomorrow which is full time and I am already overwhelmed with the additional work that the college is assigning us as well. I hope to continue my reading pace, but lately it seems like I have been so tired and reading is taking a backseat. I hope it comes back though since reading is something I can "reward" myself with after the day. Somehow, I feel guilty laying around watching t.v. but not reading!

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day and Happy Reading!


Literary Feline said...

Good luck with school, Kristie--both student teaching and your own classwork. The school year begins for my mom tomorrow too. Her school was merged with another local school and she had to move to the new school. The janitors finally put the desks in her 1st grade classroom Friday afternoon--only half are sized for sixth graders! My dad was going in with her today to help her resize them in time for the morning bell tomorrow.

Anyhow, I read Denial quite a while ago after a friend recommended the series to me. I've since read all of the books in the series so far. I haven't cared for the later books all that much, unfortunately (Psychopath is my favorite).

Kristie said...

Thanks for all of the good wishes! I know in my class we started with 26 students and are now up to 29 and the possibilty of more are coming. I don't know where we will put them all! I hope your mom had a great first day!

I have read mixed reviews about this series, so I will probably just read the ones I have on the TBR shelves. I hate to waste books I have bought.