Friday, December 29, 2006

The Key by Jennifer Sturman

I picked up The Key by Jennifer Sturman from the library because I had read the first two books in the series, The Pact and The Jinx. While these are "chick lit" mysteries, I really feel like they are not so much chick lit, even though they take place in New York. The mystery was all right, though I was more involved in the main character, Rachel, and her relationship with Peter. Overall, it was an average read with 3 out 5 stars.

Ever wished your boss would drop dead? Of course not. Well not really. And neither had Rachel Benjamin- until she finds herself working for Wall Street terror Glenn Gallagher on his latest pet project. Rachel thinks the deal-and Glenn- are more than a little shady, but she has a promotion at stake. It's either keep her lips sealed or kiss her partnership goodbye. Or kill Glenn. (Just kidding!)

At least she has Peter. Rachel's too-good-to-be-true fiance has moved in, while his stuff is everywhere and he's strangely jealous of her friendly new coworker, she's confident they'll figure things out. It would help if Glenn's killer scheldule didn't have Rachel working around the clock. Really, the man must be stopped.

Rachel's jokes about killing her boss don't seem so funny when Glenn is murdered. And it's even less laughable when she becomes the prome suspect. With the police hot on her very stylish heels, and the threat of an unflattering orange jumpsuit in her future, Rachel's learning the hard way to be careful with what you wish for. She needs to catch the true killer quickly, before the killer catches her.

I checked this book out of the library after seeing it at the bookstore. I had read the previous two books and was interested to see what was happening with Rachel and her love life. The price tag of $13.95 for a book I can read in less than a day had me go to the library. It was a nice, easy read and as I mentioned I was more interested in finding out about Rachel and her friends than the mystery. It was a fun book, but I am glad I didn't pay for it. There will be a fourth book in the series to be released next December and I will look for it at the library to hopefully find a better conclusion to Rachel and Peter's romance. If you enjoy chick lit with a twist of mystery, I would look for this book. Up next is a recommendation from Kristie (a fellow blogger who happens to spell her name the RIGHT way) of a Linda Howard titled After the Night.

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