Friday, October 22, 2010

94. Riverside Park by Laura Van Wormer

Riverside Park caught my eye will browsing at the library. Set in one of my favorite locations, I thought it would be right up my alley. It was a great book to sneak in a few pages here and there as my schedule allowed it and I enjoyed it. I give Riverside Park a B.

From Amazon:
Along the banks of the Hudson River is one of New York's premier enclaves, Riverside Park, where up-and-comers rub shoulders with those who have already made it.
Once deliriously happy, Amanda and Howard Stewart now teeter on the brink of infidelity—and financial ruin.
Media titan Cassy Cochran's storybook marriage hides the secret at the core of her existence.
Beautiful, privileged Celia Cavanaugh's life is spiraling out of control—and she's taking a naive teenage boy down with her.
Headstrong single mother Rosanne DiSantos struggled for years to better herself…and now realizes she despises the life she worked so hard to achieve.
Proud father Sam Wyatt refuses to see his family destroyed by an act of desperation—and will do anything to preserve their happiness.
The widespread branches of this urban family entwine in a stirring, multifaceted story of love denied, love revealed and love remembered.

Of course when I am about halfway through, if not more, I realize that Riverside Park is part of a series, or at least the characters appear in another story. That irritates me because I love to get the full backstory. Who knows, maybe down the road I will pick up some of the previous books, but now the story is too fresh in my mind. This is just an easy escape read about the lives of tennants in a fantastic building in New York City's Manhattan. I so love NYC and enjoy reading books set there. While nothing Earth shattering or new, it was a great escape when I had 10 minutes blow drying my hair to read.

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