Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Murder Artist by John Case

I FINALLY finished a book! Thank heavens... I just couldn't get any reading in this week for some reason. For starters, I've found I 've been spending way too much time online doing absolutely nothing lately, so last night and this morning I made a pact to keep the computer off and read. The Murder Artist also helped to break through this mini-slump, as once I got reading for a bit, I was sucked right in reading over 300 pages last night and this morning. I give The Murder Artist a B+.

Back cover:
Television news correspondent Alex Callahan witnesses danger and death on a daily basis, and knows the meaning of fear. But nothing prepares him for the feeling of profound terror that grabs him when his six-year-old twin boys vanish without a trace at a countryside Renaissance Fair. The ensuing anonymous phone call- and the familiar, plaintive voice of a child- only deepens Alex's certainty that he doesn't have much time. Telltale signs reveal a hidden pattern of bizarre and ghoulish abductions, as a profile of a predator slowly emerges- a twisted soul, hell-bent on fulfilling an unspeakably dark dream. What Alex is closing in on is a monster with a fiendish mission.

The Murder Artist is quite an involved book, one that has lots of twists and turns. If the reader pays close attention to little clues and hints, you can figure out the why and what, though the who is not easily figured out. I loved Alex and thought that he was a great character, and Mr. Case does a great job of painting a grieving parent who has lost their children to a kidnapper. There is a lot of reference to other kidnapped children that also adds to the beliveablitity to the story. The ending leaves you a bit hanging though, where everything isn't all tied up and packaged with a pretty bow, which normally drives me crazy, but this time it didn't bother me because it just seemed like a great ending. There were a ton of twists and turns, along with some gore and tough spots, but overall Mr. Case does a fantastic job of building the suspense. This book is somewhat older, written I believe in 2003, but if you ever come across it at the library or a UBS or something and you enjoy a good suspense book, please do check it out.

Up next is the latest book in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I have been waiting forever for it through the library and finally picked up it earlier this week. Even though I've been dying to read it, even that couldn't get me out of my slump but I hope to start on it today. I am going to catch up on some blog reading and then plan to start it. I have bowling league this evening, but I should be home around 9:00ish and will then spend some more quality time in the pages. My hubby is out of town for the weekend working, so I have the house and tv remote to myself. While I miss him maddly, I am enjoying some me time! Happy Reading everyone!


Staci said...

There's nothing wrong with wanting the remote to yourself from time to time. Bowling sounds like fun!! I hope that you settle in with another good read like The Murder Artist!!

Kristie said...

Thanks Staci! We bowl every other week with my SIL and BIL and it's fun. We just took first place which is a small miracle in of itself, since besides my husband, we are all pretty bad bowlers. But it's a nice night out!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Hungary and in our country there is a book series named Reader's Digest. These books include parts of 4 books and in one of these books i've read the first 100 pages of The Murder Artist. I'd like to continue the reading but i haven't found it on the internet like e-book.
Could you help where can i find it?? It's very important!