Sunday, May 6, 2007

After the Fall by Judith Kelman

After scanning through my Romantic Times magazine, the May issue, I came across an article about author Judith Kelman. I have never read anything by her before, but my interest was aroused and I checked out her website and Amazon. Her books seemed to be right up my ally, so I went to the library and checked out two of her books. I was not disappointed, as After the Fall was a solid B+.

Danny Magill is just about a perfect kid. He has everything going for him: looks, grades. athletic ability, and a practically guaranteed admission to the college of his choice. Then the police come pounding at the Magill's door and arrest Danny for a shocking crime, shattering his family's apparently perfect world. But as Danny's mother, Jess, probes more deeply into the circumstances of his arrest, she discovers that things may not have been "perfect" for some time.

How can this nightmare be happening to this boy? This family? This town? And how will they survive?

Judith Kelman's gripping psychological novel goes beyond the question of guilt or innoncence to explore what the ties that bind are really made of.

This is a really great story that examines and shows are families are tested when shocking accusations are made. I loved the way we were able to see how it was affecting everyone in the family and town and you really get to learn about the characters. The book was a good length where there was plenty of character development, though I do feel like the ending was a little rushed. I wil definitely be reading more of Ms. Kelman's books and I have one more checked out from the library that I will be reading next.

I went to giant used book sale at one of the local libraries and I hit the jackpot. I spent $5.00 and got over 20 books for me plus childrens books and videos! It was like heaven! Today is also my birthday, so I expect some gift cards for bookstores in my near future. A family friend also gave me some scratch off lotto tickets and I won $32 so I think I may be taking that to the bookstore. Borders also sent me a birthday coupon. Yay!

Have a great end of the weekend and Happy Reading!

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