Thursday, January 27, 2011

3. Eye Contact by Cammie McGovern

I enjoyed another book by Ms. McGovern and the subject of this book really grabbed at me. I enjoyed it, and while it took me longer than I like because of how busy I've been, it was great. I give it an A-.

From Amazon:
Like The Lovely Bones and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Cammie McGovern’s breakout novel is at once a hypnotic thriller and an affecting portrait of people as real as our next-door neighbors. In Eye Contact, two children vanish in the woods behind their elementary school. Hours later, nine-year-old Adam is found alive, the sole witness to his playmate’s murder. But because Adam has autism, he is a silent witness. Only his mother, Cara, can help decode his behavior for the police. As the suspense ratchets, Eye Contact becomes a heart-stopping exploration of the bond between a mother and a very special child.

I loved the characters in this book and how Adam is autistic. Since subbing, I have had a lot of experience and one on one contact with autistic children, I have to admit that I am enthralled by seeing what great strides they can make. Seeing how something as traumatic as losing your friend to murder and seeing it happen, but then throwing in the mix that he is autistic makes for a great suspense read. I look forward to reading more of Ms. McGovern in the future.

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